​1016 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60610


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Celebrating 50 years!

Founded in 1969, Mordine & Company Dance Theater celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year.


Known for its interdisciplinary collaborations with artists in the fields of music, theater, visual design, video and puppetry, Mordine & Co. strives to infuse the field of dance with new modes of performance and expression. Praised for original choreography combining wit and sheer movement with technical sophistication, the Company's work has been described as "a two-edged sword of comedy and drama" and "adventurous, audacious, gutsy, and energetic."

Chicago Dance Month Open Rehearsal
April 10 | Indian Boundary Park | 10am-1pm
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April 30 | Chicago River Walk | 4:30pm-6pm
50th Season Celebration Performance
May 17 & 18 | Links Hall | 7pm