Celebrating 50 years!

Founded in 1969, Mordine & Company Dance Theater celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year.


Known for its interdisciplinary collaborations with artists in the fields of music, theater, visual design, video and puppetry, Mordine & Co. strives to infuse the field of dance with new modes of performance and expression. Praised for original choreography combining wit and sheer movement with technical sophistication, the Company's work has been described as "a two-edged sword of comedy and drama" and "adventurous, audacious, gutsy, and energetic."

NEXT 50.1
December 12 & 13 | Hamlin Park Theater | 7:30 pm
#NEXT50 Campaign

Artistic Director, Shirley Mordine, is recognized as a master teacher who excels in integrating the skills of dance technique, choreography, and performance. Rooted in Mordine's vision and dedication to mentorship, NEXT is Mordine and Company Dance Theater’s laboratory concert program in which includes combinations of new works being developed, repertory works re-imagined, mentored works by up-and-coming choreographers, and guest artists lending their artistic voice through creating a piece on the company or themselves.


Celebrating the 50th Season, NEXT 50.1 includes new works by Artistic Director, Shirley Mordine, and guest choreographer, Ayako Kato, as well as mentored works by company members, Danielle Gilmore & Melissa Pillarella, Emily Stepleton and Nick Schrier. 

We need your help to make this program come to life! Any contribution helps!


$11 = an hour of rehearsal space

$25 = an hour of audio studio time

$50 = a musicians performance pay

$75 = 3 hours of grant writing

$100 = 1 week of dancer rehearsal pay = 1 costume

$250 = performance space rental

$500 = technical staff for the performances