"Mordine & Co., eight dancers strong, continues to sparkle with the richness of her choreography."

  Lynn Shapiro, Dance Magazine, June 2009

​"(Mordine) is the director who shapes, encourages and pushes her ensemble — but they have the freedom to create, and they move together as only the most creatively Intertwined groups of humans move."

— Lauren Kelly-Jones, New City (2011)

"Throughout it seemed less important that we receive something than simply bear witness to it. LifeSpeak contested nothing in particular, only the idea that we're trees falling soundlessly in the forest."

— Zachary Whittenburg (2011)


"SoloWorks: In the Company of Courage ... was a minimalist masterpiece."
— Lucia Mauro, Chicago Tribune Critic


"Shirley Mordine's Edge Mode ... bursts with invention and clarity ... full of risk, it has all the marks of a master statement."
— Chicago Tribune

"Mordine is a choreographer clearly capable of remarkable freshness and originality."
— Dance Magazine

"Choreographer Shirley Mordine long ago established her reputation as one of the most accomplished craftsmen in Chicago. Her canny manipulation of the raw material of dance - sheer movement of space and time - knows no peer."
— The Reader, Chicago

"Adventurous, audacious, gutsy and energetic, are words frequently used to describe a dance choreographed by Mordine."
— Evanston Review

"Shirley Mordine's artfully crafted dances convey wit, sensitivity and a flair for the theatrical. They speak with choreographic authority, and her company interprets them with articulate technique."
— Chicago Sun Times


I Haven't Gone There (Premiere, May 2010)

"I Haven't Gone There is a magical performance experience... a vivid and captivating journey to a dusty Italian countryside via infrequently-traveled thoroughfares of the imagination... Fillini-esque, with a touch of Dick Van Dyke..."

— Teresa Pankratz

"Particularly wonderful venue for a tale of travelers and one that involved a welcoming collaboration of artists. A lovely world and dynamic story. Huge kudos for such a new & delightful undertaking." — Timothy Heck

"I loved it and was moved to tears at one point. I Haven't Gone There was incredibly thought-provoking, moving and intelligent—one of the most unique and innovative pieces I've seen this year."

— Madison Palffy

"Wonderful overall show, with the last piece being a clear standout—an excellent, engaging, moving example of theater-musical-movement integration."
— Marc LeMay

"I enjoy seeing Mordine & Co. because there is always something experimental, something uplifting, something to ponder…"
— C. Zucco

"Incredibly engaging performers. Beautiful costumes. Great interaction with live music."

— Genevieve Garcia

"Thank you for providing a thrilling live experience in an interesting and engaging space."

— Jim Manganello

"Eclectic and magnificent".

— Chris Nelson

"This work created a very different experience for me with the story telling, music, movement, use of space, theatrics…"

— Alitra Cartman

"Amazing show"

— Kelsey Quinn

The 800 lb. Gorilla in the room

"This (The 800 lb. Gorilla in the room) was one of the most intriguing evenings I've spent in the theater in a long time. The work was so diverse, and yet the artists were really dealing with huge subjects; the fraying of society, Hurricane Katrina, female stereotypes ... my husband and I talked about it for over an hour after we got home!"

"I attended The 800 lb. Gorilla on the first truly snowy night of 2007 and I am so glad I did."

"... it was provocative, hence the name of the program."

"This was my first Mordine event but it won't be my last."

"Great concept for a production. Collaboration for many voices is key."

"A wide spectrum of theater/dance disciplines and depth of subject matter..."

"Loved it."

"Thank you."